Presence and Activity Indicators

The CIP application maintains several types of status information so that:

Guide documents are maintained for each member in each process (Cafe, Council Circle, etc.) containing a variety of status information, including:
and, if meaningful for the process:
These Guides are replicated to make this information available to others through two views:
To minimize replication volume, only information of particular value to others is kept in the Guides themselves. All other status information needed by the application is kept locally.


In local documents called Markers that are not replicated to any other members, the application also maintains lists of the Notes unique document IDs of all:
The application uses these lists to know someone's status for each document so it can take appropriate action.


Several special purpose views are maintained to provide current lists and totals of:
These views are used by formulas to display counts on the Notice and various Guides.

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