A wonderfully diverse community has gathered to inquire together about how to bring more meaning, wholeness and spirit into the workplace -- especially the virtual workplace. We are engaging here in a variety of conversational processes and practices -- open space, dialogue, council circles, inquiry mapping, reflection groups, and the more informal cafe. We're also working with our own personal practices.

Although we meet in English, we speak different languages, bring different knowledge and experiences, use different ways of knowing, and walk different paths.

We live in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Scotland, and the US. Some of us travel and work globally.

We are executives, managers, team leaders, strategic planners, coaches, consultants, change agents, teachers, students, trainers, information specialists, technical specialists, human resource specialists, knowledge workers, designers, architects, facilitators, writers, artists, storytellers, leaders, dreamers, visionaries, parents, children . . . and much more.

We are at once hard-headed and soft-hearted, technically sophisticated and new to Notes, rigorous and intuitive, nomads and community builders, actors and seekers, doers and beings.


There is a place for all voices and ways.

Do you hear the whispers of wisdom?

We're creatively more together than we can ever be alone.


From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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