Learning Inquiry Harvest: Technology Issues and Problems

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

+ What's working well is the whole process of getting started: i.e., loading the program, moving through the Orientation, learning the mechanics of getting around in the CIP, having such clear instructions and guidelines for all activities. I've had minimal frustration in being able to be here and participate. [No previous Notes experience.]
- I'm noting how difficult it has been for people who weren't already on Notes to be here in CIP. I believe that changing from one technology infrastructure (e.g. AOL) to another (e.g. Notes for CIP) is extremely difficult. I note that most groupware implementations call for beginning by moving everyone onto one (usually new) platform. We need to respect the discomfort, difficulty, and personal investment that will be required of everyone participating
+ Although I had problems in getting the first connection at WorldCom, after I arrived at CIP I had no problems anymore. It's very gratifying to not be disturbed by technical problems so I can be surrounded in the aura I felt when I enter in CIP spaces.
- Technical stuff I still find burdensome. It takes a very long time for some of the sections to open up, and navigating Notes is a pain.
- In running a Macintosh, the response time in opening up and getting to subsets of the application are at times extremely slow. This is a barrier to my full participation.
+ I am linked to five on-line partners and we are all mutually dependent on each other. Having technology that works is crucial to our business survival. Microsoft Office, CompuServe, Internet and good old fashioned fax and phone meet our current needs. But I am beginning to see that Lotus, WorldCom and CIP open up another level of possibilities. My fantasy is how we can use the technology to improve our working relationships and at the same time be part of a wider community like CIP. I love the idea of dropping into the Cafe for a chat after work.
- Lotus Notes is a separate icon on my desktop. That says a lot to me. If I have to close PIP, open Lotus, replicate, work, replicate, close, open PIP to get back to the WWW, I'm just not going to get there as frequently as I would if it was seamless.
- I had significant problems in the beginning and finally gave up on my portable machine. The lack of flexibility -- any time, any place -- when the spirit moves me, is a disappointment.
- I continue to have annoying technical problems (e.g. just today, my modem continually hung up during replication) most of which are solved by re-booting the whole machine.
- The frustrations of getting up and running in a functional and financially viable way have been <almost> overwhelming.
- The cost of WorldCom replication has been more than I expected.
+ Peter's commitment and availability for tech support has been great. It stands out in my mind as a real positive of the conference.
- I'm not crazy about the software. I recognize that it's the best we have out there right now, but it's simply not good enough for me to endorse it or buy in to its long-term use past the end of this project.
+ I never knew Notes could do all this!From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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