Learning Inquiry Harvest: Process Suggestions

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

o It would be helpful to make advance coaching specifically available to those who are complete novices to Lotus Notes prior to or in the early phase of their participation so their energies won't be expended unnecessarily in struggling for many hours to figure out the basic moves within the application.
o I'm wondering if the circle protocol (everyone speaks once) is better used after a period of interactive back and forth. Then its purpose would be to wrap a topic.
o I wonder if in a future circle (and forgive me if this is already planned), the discussion could be moved away from self-confessional to debate around particular propositions.
o I think I, too, have been starved of a real good argument. I regret not having the presence and commitment to generate a real good controversial position on something, but now that you've put your finger on my itch, I'm gonna find something.
o The challenging issue is how to help build those mental models in virtual meetings. One of my suggestions is to do a kind of IBIS type of contributions (issue, position, agreement, opposition). Typed links and nodes in hypertexts help to define contexts. [An IBIS-structured activity is planned for later in the CIP.]
o My feeling is that this process would work better with fewer people - with breaks in between assignments of several weeks.
o I believe a simpler, more focused discussion with fewer options about different kinds of conversation would be better.
o Teach us more. I came to learn. I'd like to learn more of what others have to teach me. I'd like to have the context, the model of this CIP made more explicit.

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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