Learning Inquiry Harvest: Relationships

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

+ Relationships are working well and completely unexpectedly.
- One of the hardest aspects of CIP for me so far has been feeling like I am breaking in on a private party. I do not know anyone in CIP, so I have felt sheepish, intimidated and somewhat shy to join in. This has been quite a new experience for me because in person I enjoy being with and building relationships with people, being the extrovert that I am.
+ I am learning that co-creating relationships of intimacy (into-me-see) in virtual space is possible, likely, perhaps inevitable, and really fun, intense and enlightening.
+ I'm enjoying getting to know everyone and find myself wanting to "speak up" regardless of my imposed shyness. I've also re-learned that we are all dealing with many of the same issues, and we all want many of the same things in our work, relationships and personal lives.
- Having joined the party later than most, I still feel a bit of a wall flower. Is somebody going to ask me to dance? Should I make the first move? If I put something in, how do I elicit a response?
- For myself, I'm learning that there are two classes of CIP participants; those that have met face-to-face, and those who have not. To me such a meeting is essential to move to a higher level of dialogue. I'm also learning I often feel a second-class participant.
+ I met an old friend for the first time.
+ Matching my other experience, a key seems to be people talking from the heart. By this I mean speaking genuinely (with less protective wrapper), in one's own natural language (not trying to sound like someone else), about things we care about (vs. what's supposed to be important).
+ I'm learning that it's possible to share feelings on-line.
+ I am not trying to get to know everybody at once, but there are some lovely relationships emerging which I truly value.

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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