Learning Inquiry Harvest: Skills

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

o What is the minimum skillset for "informed participation" in this medium?
o This experience has reinforced my thinking that more than ever before listening as a skill needs to be valued just as much or more now as it was during the "human relations" era of organizational development.
o I am learning that using this technology requires more checks to determine if everyone is still on the same wave length (it appears to take more time and effort than in a face-to-face communication).
o This medium requires the development of new screens and skills to find a personal balance to avoid feeling isolated and overwhelmed at the same time.
o The things I am exploring and learning about is what it takes to sustain a level of attention and presence in a disembodied (on-line) medium. I find that my only connection with others in CIP is through my own center. I must often wait until I feel moved to speak and then trust that the words that come to me will carry the quality of attention and communicate what is needed.
o There are distinct "mental" technologies that need to be mastered for effective on-line communication to happen.
o A focus on the "sub-personal" would shed a lot of light on many of the questions asked. What about the core nature of mind feeds facilitation, mirroring, creativity, love, generosity, connectivity, and so on?
o This medium CAN transmit subtle energy, but we have to work to develop our virtual antennae.
o Staying present, on-topic, and concise while remaining warm, human and deeply communicative is not easy. But love and rigor can co-exist; topicality and exploration can co-exist. It is, sometimes, a different mindset from how we usually are. This CIP is, in some senses, an attempt to bring this lovingkindness, focus, generosity and creativity to a new and important context.

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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