Learning Inquiry Harvest: Community

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

o My experience and observation is reinforcing my sense of how complex the issues/challenges are around establishing and maintaining a virtual community.
+ My sense is that quite a few people have formed connections and are becoming friends. The web of community is spinning. Every day more become woven together. I am finding myself thinking about the CIP now regularly, while driving, brushing my teeth, sleeping with the dog on the couch. To me it's a sign that the whole thing is working.
- I am learning, first hand, how difficult it may be for some to "connect" in a virtual community. I am more aware of how much energy it requires of me at times to be present to people I do not, for the most part, know in any way other than what I am learning of them through the CIP community.
+ I have enjoyed experiencing the different ways in which people contribute and observing the different types of responses they want in return.
- Except for a couple of personal e-mails no one else has spoken directly to me or reacted to anything I've shared. Hence, often in the CIP I feel lonely...kinda like being in a crowd of people, walking around eavesdropping on great conversations, but mostly going unnoticed by others.
- I'm learning how difficult is to feel "included" in a big and so heterogeneous group.
o Assumptions of exclusion and inclusion need conscious expression in order to move from blockage to flow.
+ I have enjoyed the diversity of interest, experience and views of the members of CIP which I think has created a rich tapestry and weave of conversation leading to learning. I have learned that it is safe to take risks in this community environment.
- The absence of contributions from what seems to be a significant number of members is an uncomfortable part of this experience for me. I find it more disturbing to have had some make an appearance only to disappear than to have never encountered others at all. I wonder where they are, why they left, and what they would have brought had they stayed.
+ What has worked best for me is the simple and complex process of starting to get to know a number of new individuals an a new community of colleagues. Beginning to feel the presence of another community in my life -- one which may be for a short term only, but which has real significance.
+ I am learning about the critical importance of heart. Trudy and Peter's living example of sharing their deep open caring with all of us is essential to the quality of this community.

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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