Learning Inquiry Harvest: Missing Tools

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

o I would find it very helpful to be able to hone in directly on the conversational dynamic where people are responding to my postings. As our volume grows, I have difficulty remembering where I was when I was engaged in a conversation, and don't always find my way back to it in order to be responsive to the person with whom I am talking.
o The ability to quickly see if anyone has responded to particular questions/comments I have posted in a number of areas (I have to search through many places to pick up the threads of conversations I am having -- admittedly many times this leads to interesting discoveries)
o I would LOVE for there to be an easier way to move key material around so I could easily copy and save "juicy" things that are part of the conversation in some organized way.
o Having a private workspace within CIP.
o Being able to mark documents that you've read with a star or new color to remind you to go back to it. This is VERY high on my want list.
o I wish we could add graphics to the process -- graphics that could be moved, changed, manipulated by members of the group.
o I think that an additional button that allowed me to pop back to just the photograph might give me more of an impression of eye contact. After becoming familiar with participant profiles, I don't really need to revisit the copy, but I would like to look at the author's face as I continue to read their comments.
o I mean to share this idea not so much for the concrete details but as a way to point toward what seems to be missing for me. Whenever I read a "speakers" document, a "listeners" response document is created which records the fact that I have read the what the "speaker" wrote and gives me a place to put non-interrupting responses. As a convention, we put emotions, body language, visceral reactions, but not cognitive responses into "listeners" documents. This corresponds to the body language, facial expressions, and small noises we would make in a face-to-face situation, which would let the speaker know how they were being received, but would not "take the floor." I am looking for a way to make a parallel, transparent channel for emotion and relationship to flow adjacent to the content, without cluttering the content with social grease.

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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