Learning Inquiry Harvest: Content

From the CIP Learning Inquiry, in participants' own words...

+ Intellectually, I am very stimulated by the CIP. There is so much happening (in Open Space particularly) that I am finding very valuable and informative.
- I've had difficulty finding subjects that really get me involved, and difficulty creating the motivation to create my own subjects.
+ From a substantive point of view, what I have found most valuable is the integrity of the responses in the conversation and the heartfelt expression of those who are participating in the CIP. I am gaining new insights from the diversity of experience and perspectives offered in all of the areas in which I have participated as either a reader or an active member of the conversation.
- I think the exchange of text only is intimidating emotionally, which I see driving us toward a kind of distant, intellectual academic style of exchange. This distant style is unlikely to produce the kind of outcomes we are committed to, and there have been substantial efforts to break out of it.
+ I have found the ways in which thoughts feed off the tails of other thoughts and spiral into ideas and theories to be enlightening. I will be digesting the richness of this feast for a long time to come.
o My chief observation has been how important many of these topics are to people, in contrast to what many "hard-boiled" executives would believe.
+ The content of the conversations has been inspiring.

From the 1996 Awakening Technology Community of Inquiry and Practice (CIP)
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