Awakening Technology

We started our team consulting practice in 1974 and began working with computer-mediated communications in 1977. Here is more detail on our earlier work. We founded Awakening Technology in 1986.

Awakening Technology Projects

From 1988-91 we convened and facilitated our Awakening Technology Virtual Learning Community with a series of on-line self-development seminars, workshops, and other activities. We developed our own tailorable computer conferencing system to support this work and our action research into creating high-trust safe spaces via computer. This led to publication of a new theory of groupware embodying living systems principles.

In 1996 we designed and convened our on-line Community of Inquiry and Practice, a five-month long collaborative exploration of knowledge-generating conversational practices in cyberspace using a custom-tailored Lotus Notes application.

Current Work

Our work has always bridged both human and technology sides of the groupware equation. High performance collaboration depends on both sides working together.

We are at home with group process, on-line facilitation, telecommunity development, and organizational learning. We do our own groupware applications and Web site development. We are multi-platform (Wintel, Mac, and UNIX) and multi-lingual (C, LotusScript, HTML, Java, and some oldies). We currently have in-depth experience with Lotus Notes and Domino which we are using for this site and current projects. However, we are system agnostic. We use whatever works best for the situation.

Selected Clients

Awakening Technology
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