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Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz are internationally recognized pioneers in computer-augmented collaborative work and learning. During their more than 24 years as a team they have consulted with a variety of organizations, facilitated computer-supported meetings in rooms and via global networks, designed and developed groupware, conducted action research, and given workshops and presentations.

In 1978 they coined the now popular term groupware, defining it as a whole system of intentionally chosen group process plus software to support it. Groupware is one of the fastest growing segments of the corporate software market. Long before others in the field, they emphasized that trust, mutual respect, and healthy organizational and community culture are the keys to effective group work via computer.

Their current work includes acting as thinking and learning partners with organizational clients and weaving a collaborative inquiry on Practicing Our Wisdom Together in Cyberspace.

In 1986 they founded Awakening Technology to further their action research, developed their own tailorable groupware system, and used it for innovative on-line self-development seminars and other activities. They published research on ways of creating high-trust on-line "safe spaces," plus a new theory of groupware embodying the emerging world view that we are dynamically interconnected in living systems.

They have published popular articles, professional papers, and chapters in several books. They have keynoted international groupware conferences in Japan and the United Kingdom. Their work has been featured in the BBC-TV documentary Goodbye Gutenberg, on NBC-TV’s Today Show, in The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Christian Science Monitor, OMNI, New Age Journal, In Context, TIME, and their local press.

They are Research Affiliates of the Institute for the Future, Fellows of the World Business Academy and the Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan, and members of the Institute for Creative Development and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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